Children's Classes

  • Our pupils study the Imperial Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) syllabus in Ballet, Tap and Modern.

    Classes start with Primary Ballet and continue to Grade Six. There are also Vocational Grades which can be taken. Ballet is the core subject of all dance and is based on a classical technique. Our classes are structured in a way in which Ballet is taught correctly, encouraging the pupil to develop good technique. We are very in tune with today’s child and remember that Ballet should be enjoyable.

    Our Modern classes start with Primary and continue to Grade Six. There are also Vocational Grades which can be taken. The Modern syllabus is based on warm up exercises, floor work, a rhythmical section leading to travelling steps and progressing to an amalgamation and dance. This Modern work strives to offer a current form of dance encouraging freedom of movement and expression.

    Tap Classes start with Primary and continue to Grade Six. There are also Vocational Grades which can be taken. Tap classes enable children to improve their rhythm. The Tap work has recently been re-developed and is very current using the fundamental technique of Tap while bringing it up to date using music children love listening to.

    Ballet, Modern and Tap are three styles of traditional dance with the purpose of teaching the understanding and use of dance terminology, a knowledge of good lines through the body, arm and head, and good posture. As well as this, they will develop spatial awareness and teach new methods of self expression, and give a sense of self confidence which will translate to all aspects of life.

    Street Dance
    Street dance is a very popular and more relaxed genre of dance. Pupils will really enjoy learning routines inspired by the latest chart music and videos, and will be keen to show off that they can dance like their favourite pop stars. There is no syllabus for street dance, as the emphasis is on teaching a natural sense of rhythm and a style of dance that is now massively popular. Classes are very sociable and a brilliant way to keep fit and have fun!



    Theatre Performance Company
    Does your child like to sing, dance and act? If so this is the class for them. Pupils will learn material from their favourite musicals, learn script work, prose and poems as well as performing their favourite songs. Children will also have the opportunity to develop their own theatrical skills, learning improvisation and choreography. As pupils progress into the older Theatre Performance Company classes they will be challenged according to their age group with the introduction of harmonies in singing, more advanced script work, will learn dialects and the introduction of renounced pronunciation. The dancing will also become more advanced.

    Singing classes will teach pupils correct breathing and vocal warm up techniques, all with the aim of developing the vocal range in a way suited to each individual. Common techniques used include correct breathing, posture, diction and vocal warm ups, all of which help to develop the voice. As well as developing breathing, posture and technique, singing classes are a great social activity. Lessons are taken as a group. In our Advanced Singing Classes pupils are encouraged to build up the confidence to sometimes sing in small group or on their own. This is based on when the children are ready for this and only if they would like to do so. The classes are suitable for all abilities. Singing is the basis of all music, so anyone can learn to sing.

    Drama is an art which demands three main elements, complete mastery of mind, body and technical craft. Whilst acquiring these skills, drama will also teach teamwork, self confidence as well as an awareness of self image. Classes are suitable for all abilities, and learning is through the use of drama games, in addition to group and individual script work and poems. Through learning drama, the subject will also teach other skills, including improving self -confidence, projection of voice and improve memory skills.

    Cheerleading and Tumbling

    Cheerleading classes are great fun and promote fitness, flexibility and musicality. Children learn steps and routines to their favourite music sometimes using pom poms and other props.

    Would your child like to learn Tumbling skills like forward rolls, cartwheels, forward and backward walkovers and the more advanced skills like free cartwheels, back, hand springs and back tucks? Well here’s their chance!  

    Limbering and conditioning.  

    Limbering and Conditioning are important in a young dancer’s training. This class works on flexibility and strength helping pupils to achieve splits, high kicks, a strong ‘core’ and strong dancer’s body under the expert assistance of our very knowledgeable teachers.      

    Festival squads.

    Our Festival Squads are very carefully chosen by our teachers to compete at Dance Festivals such as The Orpington, Beckenham, Wallington and Ore Festivals. Our Festival Squads perform and compete in all dance and performance styles. Pupils who show potential in performance also have the opportunity to perform as solo and duets. Our Squads regularly place, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in all the Festivals in groups, solos and duets earning many awards, medals and certificates. If your child’s main hobby is performing at a high level and you would like to join us in the Festival Squads please ask for more details.        

    Elite Performance Teams
    The Academy is very proud of its Elite Performance Teams. The teams are split into Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Senior Advanced. Pupils are selected by the teachers. Many of our pupils have dancing as their main hobby and this class gives the children the opportunity to learn at a faster pace with like- minded children. Pupils of the Elite Teams regularly perform in prestigious events including performances at famous London Theatres such as Her Majesty’s Theatre, Sadlers Wells Theatre and local social events. Pupils of our Elite Performance Teams have the optional opportunity to also compete at Dance Festivals.

    The Elite Team has a reputation of high quality performance and the professional way in which the children conduct themselves is often commented on by the event organisers and guests.

    Pre-school Classes
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    Adult Classes
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    Student Testimonials

    “All the classes (Tap, Ballet, Modern, Street Dance, Theatre Performance, Drama and Singing) are really fun and you make lots of new friends too. You learn new skills and gain confidence. You get to take part in lots of fun shows and competitions and the examinations are a great experience too.”
    Francesca Telling, age 18

    “I started dancing with Lucy Griffiths Dance and Theatre Academy at the age of three and quickly developed an avid love of performing, so much so that I have been dancing with Lucy Griffiths ever since. In 2008 when Miss Lucy told me about auditions for the West End show Oliver! I nearly didn’t turn up for the audition because I thought I had the wrong dance shoes and wouldn’t be professional enough for the production. I went into the audition purely to gain audition practice but was given a call back for that afternoon. During the two auditions, they taught me, along with the other auditioned girls, a dance and a song from the musical and then we all had to perform singularly. Three days later I was told I was in and genuinely could not believe it. My contract was for 6 months which comprised 3 months of development rehearsals, 1 month of previews and 2 months of official performances including preview opening night, press review night and the cast party at The Waldorf Hotel. Being in Oliver! taught me how the business works, how to take direction and best of all I made life long friends.

    Now that I am too tall for children’s roles in the West End, I have continued performing locally and in 2011 Miss Lucy put me forward for a juvenile role in the professional Sevenoaks pantomime Mother Goose but was asked to return later to audition for a senior role with the adult dancers of the same height. Both auditions consisted of being taught a dance routine. At the end of the senior audition they handed me an envelope with performance dates and confirmation that I had been chosen. I felt extremely privileged to have been selected because most of the other candidates were all over 18 and danced to a high standard. My school was incredibly supportive and authorised me to miss some school during the two weeks before the Christmas holidays to perform in the daily shows. I enjoyed the experience and the company of the cast so much that I’m going to audition again this Christmas. Fingers crossed I get in!

    Almost every year, I take at least one examination meaning I take extras classes throughout the week. These lessons boost my confidence and my knowledge of the ISTD syllabus so I am suitably prepared for the oncoming examination Anne Cockshott


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